Laser Hair Removal for Men

Ditch the Costly Razor and Shaving Cream

Don’t be fooled thinking laser hair removal is only for women! Laser Hair Removal is growing in popularity among men. Laser hair removal eliminates the need for shaving…reducing the risk of ingrown hairs and painful cuts. Our most popular spots include back + shoulders, full beard, and brazilian treatments. Enjoy the clean shaven look every time without the need to shave or wax.

Thin Out Hair

Some men use laser hair removal to thin out or reduce the amount of facial, legs, chest, or arm hair. Reducing the amount of hair reduces irritation and makes shaving much easier. No more nicks or ingrown hairs during shaving! Contact us today on how we can customize an individualized treatment plan for you.

Will I feel comfortable?

Affordable Laser prides itself on its outstanding service. Our certified laser hair removal technicians are professional, courteous, and have treated many male clients. Affordable Laser is Tucson’s first exclusive hair removal company and located in an office setting, not a typical salon or spa setting.